Complete Hermes program for finishing stainless steel sheets, coils and plates

Design and brightness are the priority in surface finishing. Different stainless steel surfaces are required by stainless steel finishers depending on applications and requirements. A distinction is made here between polished/grinded and/or brushed finishes. 

The surface finish of cold and hot-rolled stainless steel sheets, coils and plates is usually applied in service centres, but in some cases directly at steelworks. The surface finish is usually created by dry grinding or by using a coolant additive such as emulsion or oil. Wide belt, long belt and brushing machines are used to achieve an ideal, even surface finish. These can be arranged both individually or as a combined unit (grinding/brushing) in one machine or as consecutive grinding stations with separate individual machines.

Decorative finishing with HERMESIT and MERCURIT long-term grinding belts

The Hermes long-term abrasive belts of the HERMESIT and MERCURIT product families have one thing in common - the three-dimensional abrasive grain structure, which on the one hand is made up of carrier spheres coated with abrasive grain ("HERMESIT principle") and is responsible for the typical "HERMESIT finish" on stainless steel surfaces or results from an abrasive grain agglomerate structure ("MERCURIT principle").

The advantages for you

When processing the HERMESIT carrier balls or the MERCURIT abrasive grain agglomerates, new grain is continuously used and the resulting advantages will significantly improve the economic efficiency and process reliability of your grinding process:

  • Constant surface structures and roughness depths on the workpieces until the end of the tool life
  • 3 to 5 times longer service life improves economic efficiency compared to conventional abrasive belts:

    • Reduction of grinding belt change times
    • Reduced disposal costs for used abrasive belts

  • Lower grinding temperatures

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