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H.A.I Training –
Turning theory into outstanding practice.

We want to do more than just communicate knowledge, we want to provide concrete demonstration and training for your team to enable them to implement theoretical and practical know-how correctly – catered to your requirements.

Extracts from training courses for coated abrasives

  • Sector-specific abrasive principles
  • Staff training in abrasive processes
  • Intensification of expertise in the application of abrasives
  • Handling of commercially-available hand-held grinders/sanders
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consideration of individual issues


  • Intensification of sector-specific knowledge in the application of abrasives
  • Detection of optimization potential in terms of the abrasive process, productivity, surface quality, reject product and production costs

Extracts from training courses for bonded abrasives

  • Bonded abrasives and safety

    • Structure, production and marking
    • Handling, transport and storage
    • Safety precautions and guidelines

  • “Centerless grinding” technology

    • Technical principles
    • Dressing bonded abrasives
    • Special features of centerless grinding
    • Fault analysis
    • Consideration of individual issues
    • Possibility of practical trials


  • Intensification of sector-specific knowledge in the application of bonded abrasives
  • Intensification of basic knowledge to optimize processes
  • Improved occupational safety

Training course content about Lean principles in the form of a simulation of corporate decisions and processes (“Baking Factory”)

  • Explanation phase, description of roles and tasks
  • 3 rounds of simulation lasting 30 minutes each
  • Optimization phases, with application in real-life situations and practice of several methods of improvement
  • Training in Lean methods and principles


  • Insight into administrative, organizational and productive processes
  • Recognition of problems in interfaces between suppliers and customers
  • Development of Lean processes through the elimination of waste
  • Experience and promotion of team spirit

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