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H.A.I Manuals –
The manual for your abrasive processes.

As specialists in complex processes, we collaborate with you to produce manuals for your abrasive processes which contain process-specific and general information about “grinding/sanding” independently of the products you use.

We support you in recording and documenting your processes. The aim is to consolidate your knowledge with regard to the sequences and requirements of your production processes. 

The outcome: Your own H.A.I manual in hardcover and digital format.


  • Record all abrasive process information in the sequence of production
  • Document the processes in question in photographs, with details about the tool, backing element and/or  rinding/sanding machine used
  • Link your own item numbers to those of your suppliers


  • Customer-specific process documentation, including all the necessary data
  • Basic information about abrasives (structure, properties and tool shape)
  • Handling information about abrasive processes for your staff
  • Safety data sheets and safety recommendations
  • Standards and regulations

Further services related to your abrasive processes

Consulting – Process optimization for your benefit.
Training – Turning theory into outstanding practise.

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