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Hermes bonded abrasives for external and internal cylindrical and surface grinding as well as for gear grinding and honing

A solution for every case

Conventional Hermes bonded abrasives with the grain/binder components "fused aluminium oxide" and "sintered aluminium oxide" as well as silicon carbide in a ceramic and resin-bonded matrix can be used for the following applications:

External cylindrical grinding

  • Angle approach grinding
  • Straight plunge-cut grinding
  • Centerless grinding
  • Longitudinal grinding

Gear grinding

  • Threaded wheel and profile grinding

Gear honing

Surface grinding

  • Creep feed grinding
  • with segments
  • of guide tracks

Internal cylindrical grinding

Hermes specifications made easy

The Hermes specification code contains all the key information about our bonded abrasives. An example: EKW 60 K6 V09 XO 50 m/s